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Do you really need a new system?

We can help assess your current system and make recommendations.

How we evaluate your current system

When it comes to heating and cooling equipment replacement, the first step is assessing whether you truly need a new system. Sometimes you do, but sometimes you don’t. We start every equipment replacement consultation with four key questions:

When properly maintained, air conditioners and furnaces can last a long time. Sometimes the answer isn’t replacing the system, but rather helping the current system work more efficiently. We talk to you about the issues you’re having and take some measurements around your home to determine if a new system is really needed.

You may be able to take a portion of the cost of a new heating and cooling system to make improvements in your ductwork or other areas and get the same result.

Heating & cooling installation

When it is truly time to replace your heating and cooling system, we can help make sure it’s the right system and right configuration for your home.

Trusted, proven equipment

We’re a registered dealer for American Standard because we believe it’s the highest quality equipment available.

Total system design

We start with identifying any comfort control issues in your home and design a system that will meet your needs.

Thorough, high-quality installation

Our detailed quality checklist and engineering approach ensures that your system runs optimally from day one.

What our customers say

Installing a new heat and air system is a major expense, and we make sure our customers understand their options and feel confident in their decision.

Our process for equipment replacement

Step 1

Initial consultation & estimate

We’ll talk through any challenges you’re having with your system, make recommendations, and provide an estimate for equipment replacement.

Step 2

System installation

Our team will install your new system according to all manufacturer’s guidelines and the highest industry standards for new equipment installation.

Step 3

Quality assurance

Whether we replaced just equipment or also made changes to the ductwork, we use the right tools to check airflow and make adjustments until it’s right.

Step 4

Enjoy total comfort in your home

With a new system in place and properly configured ductwork, you’ll enjoy peace of mind and maximum comfort in your home in any weather.

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