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Frontline Comfort

High-Quality, Professional Heating & Air Services

We keep your system running smoothly with regular service and provide prompt, professional repair when needed. 405-440-3279

Our Services

As a Frontline customer, you are our top priority! We take pride in our work, and make sure it’s done well.

To help your home stay safe and comfortable, we offer:

Cooling service and repair

We reduce the risk of system failure at the worst possible time through routine service plus respond quickly for urgent repair needs.

Heating service and repair

We help keep your furnace system working efficiently with routine service and offer prompt, professional repair service when needed.

Comfort control services

Whether you have concerns about indoor air quality or humidity control, we can help maximize your current system for comfort control.

Equipment replacement

We will evaluate your current system and determine if it truly needs to be replaced or simply modified for increased efficiency.

Load Calculations

Through precise load calculations, we fine-tune your system for peak efficiency and cost savings, ensuring optimal comfort without excess. Let Frontline tailor a balanced environment for your home.

You can count on us to get the job done right the first time!

Frontline Can Help

Convenient service plans

We offer customized service plans to fit your needs, including options for monthly autopay or pay at time of service.

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Maximum comfort control

We assess any comfort control issues in your home and make recommendations for how to enhance your current system.

See Our Plan Options

Detailed quality assurance

We’re great at what we do. We follow the highest industry standards and stand behind our work every time.

Schedule a Repair

Our process

Step 1

Call us or schedule an appointment online

We make scheduling easy, whether you prefer making an appointment online or calling our office to schedule service.

Step 2

Meet our technician at the designated time

Our team provides prompt, professional service for every customer with special priority response times for our service plan members.

Step 3

Get a diagnosis, estimate, and repair

For routine service, you’ll know in advance what to expect. For repair calls, we’ll explain the issue and the cost, then perform the work.

Step 4

Rest easy in your comfortable home

Once we’re finished, you can rest easy knowing your system is in good working order to keep you safe and comfortable.

Our Heating & Air Team

Led by Owner Ross Kupiec, our heating & air team has a collective decades of experience. Each technician is highly skilled and supports our mission of education and professional service.

We are insured, licensed, and bonded for the safety of our customers and team.

What our customers say

We care about our customers, and it shows.


You are not an expert in heating and cooling. That’s okay! That’s what we’re here for.

However, we’ve seen one too many people receive poor service simply because they didn’t know what they were buying or why.

Our mission is to provide you with an honest assessment of your home and system. If you have questions, we’ll answer them! We want you to feel comfortable about the services you receive. You and your home deserve the best!

Quick Facts You Should Know

We have a number of skilled technicians who serve our clients. It’ll depend on who is available the day of your appointment. If you’d feel more comfortable, we’re happy to shoot you a call letting you know their name and when to expect them.

MORE THAN 10 YEARS! A well installed and maintained HVAC should last 15-25 years. Make sure yours is in good shape!

First and foremost, replace your filters! You can do that yourself. Our recommendation is to use K&N filters, especially if you have pets.

Second, schedule annual tune-ups. Yeah, it’s another appointment to make, but trust us when we say it can save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

Good question! Our going answer is no. Here in Oklahoma, we have pretty extreme temps. If you’re shutting off your air while you’re gone at work, and turning it back on when you get home, it’s going to work twice as hard to get to the temperature you want. Leave it on at a temp that’s comfortable for you. Oh, and shut those doors fast.

If you want to dive deeper into frequently asked questions and how to save money, check out our Pro Advice blog. You deserve to know what you’re getting into!

Give us a call!

Don’t wait for something major to call a professional. We want to help you keep your home, family and pets safe and comfortable for years to come.

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