Everything You Need to Know About Changing Air Filters

The Most Common Quick Fix for Airflow

Can you believe it’s already March? March in Oklahoma means the weather is getting warmer, and as the weather heats up, so does your home.

It’s important that your system is in good working condition so you and your family can stay safe and comfortable in the warmer months. No one wants a muggy and hot home!

If your home won’t cool down, the solution may be simple: air filters.

That’s right! It’s easy to forget to change filters frequently, but filters have a lot of influence on how well air filters throughout your home. The dirtier the filter, the less efficient the air flow and the more polluted the air. 

So, without further ado, we bring you our…

Top Tips for Air Filters

The bottom line: change your filters.

Your home’s heating and cooling system has to work extra hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature when your filters are dirty. Plus, fresh filters means cleaner air.

Keeping your filters cleaned and changed frequently is such an easy way to keep your home safe, clean, and comfortable. With a reminder on your calendar, there’s no excuse not to change them!

Our Filter Recommendations:

  • K&N Filters because they are a fantastic option if you prioritize sustainability
  • High-Efficiency filters are great if you have pollen/immunity sensitivities

Affordable filters like those from FilterBuy work well and cost less

If you’ve replaced your filters and still find that your home’s temperature is unregulated, give us a call! We want to make sure your home is in tip top shape for the impending Oklahoma heat! We pride ourselves on high quality, professional cooling service and repair, and we hold ourselves to the highest industry standards. We’ve got your back!


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