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Mold, Dry Skin & Allergies

Mold, Dry Skin & Allergies

As the seasons change, you may notice your sinuses flaring and a chorus of sniffles echoing through your home. Maybe your clothes are sticking and dryer sheets are simply no longer doing the trick.

Well, we have some news for you…

Your home humidity levels may be to blame.

A brief science lesson:

As the temperature changes from hot to cool, the air becomes dryer. Your home humidity typically drops to 25-35% (as compared to the ideal 35-50%). Cold air finds its way into your home through vents, holes in seals, open doors, etc… meaning your home air system is constantly trying to combat the dry air, working harder to keep your home comfortable and healthy.

If you are not intentional about the moisture in your home, you risk dry skin, static clothes and hair, sniffling noses, warped flooring and mold.

So how do you maintain moisture control?

Admittedly, it’s a bit tricky. Finding the right moisture levels for your home is quite the Goldilocks situation.

If your air is too dry, hardwood flooring can shrink. Your family can get sick. Your furniture may face irreparable damage. BUT, if your air is too humid, your home is susceptible to mold. Your air will feel clammy. Your air bills will rise. AND you can get sick, still.

The key is to be attentive to the time of year, average temperature and using the tools in your home to their full potential.

Keep Your Home Safe & Comfortable

1. Install a humidification system.

This is the easiest way to monitor your home’s humidity. Once installed, MONITOR humidity levels. Don’t let it drop below 30% or rise above 50%.

2. Tune up your heating and cooling systems.

If your heating and cooling systems aren’t working properly, it can introduce unnecessary allergens to your environment. With the right airflow, filtration, and humidity control, you can rest easy in your home.

3. Install an air purification system.

In addition to your humidifier, an air purifier will help manage allergens and keep your home safe and healthy. We recommend a Reme Halo.

Oklahoma weather can be rough on your house and your belongings. Humid summers and dry winters can damage wood floors, musical instruments, and so much more. And as we come down out of a wicked hot summer into a cool winter, it’s important you’re keeping you and your family safe. If you’re lost, have questions or due for a tune up or install, we’re here to help.

We want to help you combat that mold, dry skin and allergies BEFORE they start. Give us a call for all your home cooling and heating needs!


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