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3 Reasons Your Air Conditioner May Be Struggling

3 Reasons Your Air Conditioner May Be Struggling #1 Lack of Maintenance During the summer, your air conditioning system circulates a tremendous amount of air. As the temperature rises, your air conditioner has to run more often and push a larger volume of air to keep the house significantly cooler than it is outside. For

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4 Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

4 Tips to Beat the Summer Heat Most modern homes in Edmond, Oklahoma are not designed for extreme weather events, and your air conditioner may be struggling to keep up. This summer, keep your home comfortable with these simple tips. Tip #1: Cover Your Windows Windows are a major source of heat being added to

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How To Do A Furnace Tune Up In Four Simple Steps.

Soon you will need to switch your home comfort system from cooling to heating. Before you make the switch, we recommend that you perform this four step furnace tune up to avoid an unnecessary service call or worse damage your furnace. Step 1: Change Your Air Filter The number one most important thing you can

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Smart Home Comfort System Solutions Series: Article 1

When is it’s ok to simply replace your system or is there another way that is more cost effective and will provide a more comfortable indoor experience.  Writing articles to help homeowners is difficult. It requires a totally different approach than instructing a new apprentice or helping a tradesman understand the ins and outs of

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