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What to Do When Your House is Cold

& When to Call to Call for Help

By November, Oklahoma weather finally decides it’s time to give our air conditioners a break. It seems to go from closing the blinds to preserve air to waking up with frozen toes all in one night. You’re likely wondering, “What do I do when my house is cold?”

It seems like it’s been AGES since you’ve used a heater after all.

Well, we’ll help you warm up your home, keep your family from getting sick, and know when your heater is actually broken.

5 Ways to Warm Up Your Home

  1. Turn on your heater. Seems simple, but it’s an important place to start.
    “I’ve turned on my heater. Why is my house cold even with the heat on?”
    Well, that brings us to the next 4 steps.
  1. Check your air filter. Dirty filters can cause poor heating (and poor air quality in general). It’s important that your air filters are replaced at least every three months. K&N filters are our favorite.
  1. Check your thermostat. Are the batteries dead? Have settings changed? Is it properly mounted?
    If it’s been awhile since you’ve messed with your thermostat, it may be time for a quick checkup. Replace the batteries and try again.
  1. Check your breakers. Your lights can be on and the breaker for your heater could still be switched off. Make sure your heat is actually on and connected.
  1. Check your gas. You didn’t receive a notice that your gas was turned off, did you? If all else fails, make sure you have gas running to your house, the sooner the better!

How Do I Know If My Heater is Broken?

Good question! If you’ve run through the above 5 steps, and your home is STILL cold, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with a broken heater, unfortunately.

If you’re still chilly in your home, don’t just grin and bear it. A cold house can in fact make you sick, especially if your heating and cooling system isn’t doing its job in filtering your air well.

It is imperative that you call a professional to come take a look at your system as soon as you notice something is wrong. Your health, as well as the health of your pets and family, are important, and they’re only benefited by a properly functioning HVAC.
If you live in the Oklahoma City metro, you know Oklahoma weather has a mind of its own. Don’t get caught in a cold front with no heat! Contact Frontline Comfort for a consultation, tune up or repair. We are here to help!

New Year. New Savings. New System.

In with new, out with the old. Replace your heating and air systems BEFORE they break.

If it’s been years, or you feel like your heating and air conditioning system is on its last leg, it may be time for a replacement. In honor of the new year, we’re offering $3,000 off premium FULL system replacements or basic full system replacements for just $8,000.

This is the best deal you’ll get all year! Reach out before availability is gone. November deal ends 11/23.


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